We are always interested in hearing from potential postdocs. Please contact Cian early and we can work on figuring out funding. Options include:


General openings
If you would like to do a PhD in the group, we have projects available on neural data science; computational modelling of synaptic plasticity, learning and memory; and synaptic and neural circuit dysfunction in autism. In each case we try to link bottom-up biology with top-down theoretical neuroscience or machine learning ideas. Most projects involve collaborations with experimentalists in UK, or Europe, or the US. Example directions we are working on:

UK PhDs take 3-4 years and usually start in September (although this is flexible). Please contact me to discuss funding options, which vary a lot depending on your country of origin. Usually you would need a good Bachelors or Masters degree in computer science, biology, physics, engineering or maths before taking on a computational neuroscience PhD - but other backgrounds are possible. However, the most important thing is not your background, but that you enjoy research work, are curious, and want to understand how the brain works. Our School’s application deadline will be early 2022, contact Cian in Nov/Dec 2021.

MSc and BSc

If you are a student on an Ulster University BSc or MSc degree programme in Computer Science/AI/Data Science, please contact me early in the academic year to discuss possible computational neuroscience projects. Projects can vary in their 1) level of computational/mathematical difficulty, 2) level of biological detail, and 3) whether they are more focused on computational modelling (simulating the brain) versus statistical data analysis/machine learning.

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