Oleg Senkevich

Postdoctoral research associate

Google scholar


My current work is concerned with fluctuations of synaptic connections' strengths due to the randomness in synaptic protein counts caused by the stochasticity of gene expression and protein transport in neurons. We aim to quantify the means, the variances and the correlations of protein counts in different parts of neurons for various cell morphologies and protein types. From there, we hope to find how fluctuations/correlations of the synaptic strengths change across the dendritic tree depending on the neuron's parameters. This knowledge is essential for understanding drifting memory representations and the long-term memory in the brain.

I received my BSc in Physics from Novosibirsk State University, MSc in Complex Systems Modelling from King's College, London and PhD in Applied Mathematics from Northumbria University, Newcastle. My PhD thesis was related to Ising models and random graphs.